Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Album Reflecting Three Decades (Dionysis Savvopoulos at "A Little Sea", 1975)

ionysis Savvopoulos (a song of whom has already been presented at the first post of this blog) right after the dictatorship fell in 1974, released an album with several recordings that took place between 1965 and 1975, named "10 Years' Songs". Censorship had officially stopped, so the album could be released. The live concerts that followed in club Kyttaro in Athens are still famous for their energy and influence. One of these songs, named "A Little Sea" is given below. This was not the first recording of the song that initially was played with a guitar, but the one of the 1975 album that piano is leading. A great and quite popular song of 70s. Below the home grown translation, I embed one more video dated a couple of years ago that Dionyssis himself in a TV show is performing this specific song. Enjoy.

A Little Sea
music, lyrics: Dionysis Savvopoulos

A little sea,
a little sea
is what my summer is,
what my love is and my pain.

A little sea
shines in your eyes
every morning

A little sea
it's in your tear, it's in the song,
in every kiss of yours
there is a little sea.

A little sea,
a little sea
and my cup in the corner
for one summer
it was you.

I was singing about you,
like the strings of wind do
on your black hair.

I was following you,
like the tall grass does
the wind.
I was singing you.

A little sea,
a little sea
that told you a bitter goodbye,
is waiting for you.
A little sea.

(Available also in Spanish and Russian)

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    No more under-culture !!

    This is one of the most important modern Greek albums. It is a masterpiece of masterpieces. Each song has its own history and reflects an aspect of the modern Greek society as it is shaped in 50s, 60s, 70s. You definitely need to say more on this album.



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