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A Party or How Parties Should Look Like (in Vouliagmeni, July 1983)

ighties summers in Athens were slow, lazy and innocent. Beach-party was a term unknown and large-scale concerts had only taken place in football stadiums.

Vouliagmeni (which means "sunk"), is a coastal suburb of Athens, south and east. Supposed to be an expensive one, although it is quite densely built and surrounded. Being coastal was always a privilege. Especially in 1983.

One evening with a full moon, the 25th of July 1983, there was a concert named "Party in Vouliagmeni" performed by Loukianos Kilaidonis.

Loukianos Kilaidonis

Many surprise guests showed up. Dionysis Savvopoulos, Vaggelis Germanos, Giorgos Dalaras, Margarita Zorbala, Afroditi Manou were just some of them. The band was on a floating stage 12 meters away from the beach. A radio broadcast was covering the concert and its exceptional energy live. All of a sudden, people from all around the city started joining... Of course it was impossible to hold these people out of it, so the concert doors opened soon to everyone - no ticket needed. The concert turned to a vast beach party with more than 70,000 people (some say 100,000)!

So there we are, and Vaggelis Germanos just showed up... would you swim?

Cruise [Κρουαζιέρα / Kruaziera]
Vaggelis Germanos

The ship will take off in late evening
Take the metro to Piraeus*
In sweet little summer
to go on cruise to the islands

With the waves will the boat sail
the wind will blow our hair away
We'll become skilled to love
and the thoughts will fly away like birds

Oh, oh, I'll take you on cruise
Oh, oh, because I care about you and I love you
Oh, oh, to Mykonos and Santorini
Oh, oh, like penguins in love

Leave bad people shouting
at beaches, restaurants, pensions
We, with sleeping bags and water-melon,
will go around the islands

Naked we will swim at the beaches
The sun we will face "en face"
I'll treat you like a chinese fan
and you'll never go to the office again...

*Athens' port

Ps1. This is only the first song he is playing. No need to translate the second one, I guess you get the feeling...

Ps2. The translation of the lyrics is based on the one found at

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