Thursday, December 24, 2009

Greek Christmas Carols (& Their Crazy Parody)

hristmas Eve today and the tradition brings small groups of kids from door to door singing the Christmas Carols and expecting a small tip. So we certainly expect our door bell to ring many times today...(hope this won't be too early).
The Greek Christmas Carols are very old folk songs that originate from the Byzantine Calends. The kids are singing wishes for each family they visit also "announcing" that Jesus is born. That is the content of the song, no need to get into so much trouble to translate it (old folk songs are impossible to translate).

A late 90s TV broadcast made a parody sketch of these Carols, depending on the family's favorite music. Crazy guys... Enjoy!

Part 1: Pop Bouzouki Songs
Part 2: How Greeks imagine music in Hawaii
Part 3: Disco
Part 4: Rembetiko!
Part 5: Opera
Part 6: Metal

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