Monday, November 16, 2009

Dimosthenous Lexis (Dionysis Savvopoulos, 1970)

eventies. In Greece the political situation is unstable with a military junta already since 1967 in power. Strict sencorship and propaganda, powerful spying of any suspect of being against the junta. It lasted till 1973, 4 days after Turkey's invasion of Northern Cyprus. During these 7 years, music was a way to react and help the masses realize. Dionysis Savvopoulos, born in Thessaloniki in 1944, was imprisoned in 1967 by junta because of his political convictions. This song ("Δημοσθένους λέξις" = "Demosthenes' word") was recorded in 1970 for the album "Vromiko Psomi" (= Dirty Bread) and an amateur translation of the lyrics is given below the video. All video scenes are taken at the city center of Athens.

Dimosthenous Lexis [«Δημοσθένους Λέξις»]
Dionysis Savvopoulos [Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος]

What if I am free, out of this prison
Nobody will be waiting for me
Deserted all the streets will be
and my city a complete stranger

All the cafes will be closed
while all my friends will have fled
And I ‘ll just blow with the wind
The day I am free, out of this prison

And the sun will fall asleep
Behind the ruins of Olynthos
And they will be like in a myth
All friends and enemies

They will all stand still
Rhetors and conmen
Beggers, prostitutes and prophets
They will all stand still

I am gonna stand by the gate
Carrying the blankets under my arm
And with a slow move of the head
I am gonna greet the guard

Without will, without a god
Like a king in ancient drama
I am gonna say the word
When I stand by the gate.


  1. Amazing film,

    The Athenian streets are almost empty.
    He's just standing in the street strumming a gtr.
    Those days are long gone.


  2. These days are long gone indeed, but the discussion for Athens traffic problem had already started at that time.. Not to mention what happens today!




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