Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fssst... Boing! (A twisted Shake, 1963)

reek movies of 50s, 60s & 70s are the best mirrors for the modern Greek culture. The fiery social changes that were taking part in the US and the rest of Europe could neither spread in Greece as well nor stay away either. The result? A beautiful mess. Greece was definitely not mature for social changes but somehow should adopt the trends that come along. There is the tricky part...

Anyway, today I am going straight to the main dish. A song written by Mimis Plessas, performed by unknown people and sang by the famous actor of the time Kostas Voutsas at the movie "Something to burn" (1963). Ntinos Iliopoulos was one of the greatest comedians of these years and that's why the videos that follow do not need subtitles to laugh (& the movie made a ticket record when it was released). At the first he is trying to dance to impress the girl and the band make fun of him...

... and at the second they visit him at his office saying "Last time, we were missing one, check this one!"

Amazing actors, times and innocence.

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