Monday, May 3, 2010

When The Clouds Come (Manos Hadjidakis, 1965)

hat did he know? Manos Hadjidakis certainly didn't know that these would happen today. I read the IMF (International Monetary Fund) & ECT (European Central Bank) measures for Greece. I know -as a 25 year old - that my grandchildren will still be paying back these loans. And I know how bad it feels to let others intrude and decide yours, your children's and grand-children's fate while I do not want to drive any sort of optimism at paying back someone that uses a whole country as a business. And I now realize how perfectly this song describes how it is When the clouds come.

When the Clouds come
album: Gioconda's Smile
composed by Manos Hadjidakis
New York, 1965

The song is the first song of the most legendary musical piece of art a Greek ever made. The first drum is the calling voice, the repeated melodies the clouds themselves and the mandolin that follows, the smile that sets us free.

Often played in Athens' metro. And the music runs into us as a subway train getting closer to elegant sentiments deep inside, releasing them in the air, unlocking their existence. And in a 3 minutes time clouds come and pass by; I hope again. Magnificent.


  1. I want the credit for this. ! :p

  2. You got it! Ladies and gentlemen credit to CsLaKoNaS:



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