Saturday, April 17, 2010

That day won't be late (Manos Loizos, 1980)

Manos Loizos

riginaly from Cyprus, born in 1937 Alexandria, Egypt, lived in Greece and died young in Moscow in 1982, Manos Loizos was a diamond of Greek music [see also previous post for another of his songs]. His songs are simple and beautiful. His political action (with the Greek Communist Party) especially the 7 years of dictatorship (1967-73) put him to a lot of trouble but he always remained a low profile musician and people loved his songs. There is a presence of elegance along with simplicity at all his works and this make them seem easy listening. However, there is a fight of a whole generation engrained in them. With a strong political view as well as with emotions. In the next one? Hope.

That day won't be late
lyrics: Fontas Ladis

That day won't be late
when I'll see you again in front of me.
The sunlight will be broken
and you will be running towards me.

Your forehead will be spreading
golden rain in the sky
and your nice face
will be paler than the moon.

And when our heatrs will become one
everything will be shinning differently
and the whole old world
will be vanished in our shades.

That day won't be late,
my hunted bird,
the West once took you away,
the East is bringing you back.

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