Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Stops My Mind (Giannis Aggelakas & Nikos Veliotis, 2005)

Giannis Aggelakas (left) and Nikos Veliotis (right)

he Breaths of The Wolves (Οι ανάσες των λύκων / I anases ton lykon). That is the album's title that Giannis Aggelakas and Nikos Veliotis made up in 2005 to cover that quite "difficult" album. We have already introduced that man at a previous post about the rock band "Trypes" of which he was a front man. After the band fell apart, Giannis continued with solo recordings and this is one the most important ones. The album is unique in sound and performance since electronic elements are combined with instruments like cello and there is something deeply melodic behind it (not too obvious).

The Breaths of The Wolves: album cover

The song is named "Too bad you're not here" (Κρίμα να μην είσαι εδώ / Krima na min ise edo) and is simply depressing. I like it.

Too Bad You're Not Here
music: Nikos Veliotis
lyrics: Giannis Aggelakas

Days go by quickly
but some of them are slowing down;
they take me to their back seat
and nicely they drive me around.
They laugh with my finery,
they caress my wounds
and being drunk, they yield to me,
becoming mine.
They leave ashamed
saying goodbye to me
and there I am alone again
bringing memories of yours.

Too bad you aren’t here
when days like these pass by,
too bad you aren’t here
and they can’t hear you laughing...
But what knocks me out
and what just stops my mind
is that you are not,
you are not even somewhere else.

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