Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tribute to the Times of the Lovers (Stamatis Kraounakis, "Dying in Athens", 2006)

ow can a very bad movie be accompanied by an astonishing soundtrack? Honestly, I do not know. Still, these guys made it.

It was one of these unexpectedly rainy evenings that there is nothing better than jumping in a cinema that was on the way. Things like that happen in Athens. I remember coming out angry about the pictures I suffered for 103 minutes. However, I was singing all the way back home the song you 'll listen if you scroll down to this post.

Nikos Panayotopoulos - the director of the movie- did only one thing right. He asked Stamatis Kraounakis to make the soudtrack. Also, the theme of the movie was quite good. Although it was approached with a shockingly amateur way, so badly that you want to spit on the computer screen. It is supposed to deal with the last generation of "Lovers" (=Εραστές). People that met unexpectedly and fell in love - illegally.

2) Watch the movie - no subtitles.

The artist
Stamatis Kraounakis. Born in Athens - check the brief wiki article.

The album
The song this post is about, is the first of the Soundtrack album. The movie failed so badly, that this soundtrack is one of the less known woks of St.Kraounakis. I may be proven wrong but in 10-20 years from now, I bet that this will be mentioned as one of his greatest achievements.

The song

The Lovers
Lyrics by Giorgos Makris
Vocals: Erofili, Rita Antonopoulou & Natassa Bofiliou
Music: Stamatis Kraounakis

Their time was soon up
and sadly they walked away
making steps formal and slow
having their gabardines all buttoned.

And we felt sorry about these lovers
and their small spinning around
their little world;
Dreaming to fold in warmer arms,
scratching the ground
with the peak of their umbrella.

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  1. Trylly, this man named Kraounakis whenever it happens to co-operate with Panagiotopoulos - a director's director, as we say a man's man, a professionally impeccable and artistically overwhelming director, they both create a miracle. of course if a well founded and well defined script exists. In this case of this particular movie, the script has left the building....So only the incredible soundtrack can leave its mark.
    I became familiar with the work of the collaboration between Stamatis Kraounakis and Nikos Panagiotopoulos in 2002, when the movie " I am fed up with killing your paramours " (Kourastika na skotonw tous agapitikous sou gia osous 8imountai ton yperoxo titlo sta ellinika) made its presence. And it was a very interesting script. Resembling to the good film noir of the past, most of the scenes were shot during the night hours at the centre of Athens. A good script accompanied by an ear pleasuring soundtrack from the magic hands of Kraounakis.



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