Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Days Strange and Beautiful (Active Member, 2000)

Active Member on stage

band that was formed a night after a live concert of Public Enemy in Athens, June 1992: "Active Member". On Sunday in Greece we have elections and there if there would be only one thing missing from these, this would be active members.
A great band, giving birth to a sound and a musical form that in 1992 would be a joke if with Greek lyrics, baptised its music as "Low Bap" and with sentimental, strongly political, urban lyrics did what no other Greek hip-hop band achieved: influenced & expressed a 80s generation and teased a 70s one that was facing this music with skepticism.

A song about days that feel as strange as beautiful. That's how most Greeks feel now. Or at least those with a greater sense of identity.

Days Strange and Beautiful
album: Days Strange and Beautiful (Μέρες Παράξενες Θαυμάσιες Μέρες), 2000

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