Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Rembetiko of 1952 (scene from "The Minor of Dawn")

k, it's late in the afternoon and the Athenean heat a world of pain for all, however the air breeze that climbs up to my 5th floor and the quite urban view of my window made me listen again to a song that was certainly written on a winter night.

You 'll never get to understand its song beuty unless you sing it. I know its hard but give it a try. Picture yourself on a Greek island, on some mountainous village (those with the white houses all over) having a drink sitting outside at a warm night and few tables far from you, a couple of guys with their instruments start playing.

Oh, man. I need holidays.

Your tired footsteps [Το κουρασμένο βήμα σου]
lyrics: Kostas Virvos
music: M. Bakalis (1952)

Here is a scene of an 80's TV series named "The minor of dawn" which was dedicated to rembetiko music. The lyrics in English are given as subtitiles. This specific song was written few years after rembetiko supposingly seased to be. Its form is such, however the presence of a 4-string bouzouki along with other characteristics of its structure places it a bit towards the form of music that followed rembetiko: Laiko (=people's music). We will have the chance to talk about that genre several times since it spreads in almost 4 decades (1950s-60s-70s-80s) and it can't be overlooked.

...What was I saying? Ah, yeap, that I need holidays. That has to wait a bit...

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